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Welcome to Psychedelic Art Exchange; the premier source to buy, sell, auction, and learn more about 1960’s psychedelic rock posters. Whether you’re new to this world of authentic historical artifacts or looking to learn more, our list of resources below will get you moving on this journey of beautiful, psychedelic, works of art.

And if you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us!

Free Collector's Guide

Without a doubt, our free collector’s guide is your go-to place at the start of your vintage concert poster collecting journey.

Get the complete A - Z blueprint required to successfully participate in the most exciting collectibles market in the world today!

In this free collector’s guide, you’ll learn:

Why vintage concert posters are exploding in value

  • Which demographics of collectors vintage concert posters appeal to

  • Which vintage concert posters are so often undervalued

  • Exactly which posters we recommend adding to your collection

  • …and so much more! 


The Psychedelic Art Exchange blog provides a wealth of information to the vintage concert poster world. From news, to how-tos, this is your premier source to this exciting collectibles world. If you’re new to vintage concert poster collecting, here’s where we recommend you start:

12 critical reasons why concert poster values are increasing

Vintage rock concert posters are the single most lucrative ground floor opportunity in the collectibles market today! You can get museum quality works of art that are exceedingly rare, historically important and drop dead beautiful – for just pennies on the dollar!

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Warren Buffett's Secrets of Success for Collectors

I decided to learn everything I possibly could from the most successful and ethical investor in the world, Mr. Warren Buffett. I realized I was no financial genius, but I was highly confident that most of Mr. Buffett's rules for success in the stock market could be readily applied to my area of expertise: the buying and selling of rare collectibles.

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How to Sell Your Vintage Concert Posters for Top Dollar

It's easier than you think to turn your vintage concert posters into cash! We guarantee to get you the most cash possible within 24 hours!

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How to Sell Your Vintage Concert Posters via Auction

Selling your vintage concert posters through public auction is often a great way to turn your posters into cash, but it does come with its own set of risks.

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How to Get Free Appraisals for Your Vintage Concert Posters

Every day we receive calls from people around the world, asking us what their vintage concert posters and handbills are worth. There are so many varied answers to this question, depending on the information the collector is seeking. So, let's start at the beginning!

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•  How to Fail Miserably at Vintage Concert Poster Collecting

Many collectors believe vintage concert posters represent the most exciting collectible opportunity in the marketplace today. Here are four ways to guarantee you'll fail in this collecting industry.

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The Ultimate Vintage Concert Poster Price Guide!

Whether buying or selling, everyone wants to make an informed decision about value paid and received. Psychedelic Art Exchange offers an extensive free Past Auction Results database which is an informative tool that can assist you with your collecting decisions.

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5 Tips for Bidding with Success in Vintage Concert Poster Auctions

Buying vintage concert posters at auction can seem intimidating to new collectors, but it can be the safest, most convenient, and fun way to acquire the vintage concert posters you desire. Follow these five tips for maximum success and enjoyment of this exciting collectible.

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Why vintage concert posters are setting record prices

A nationwide radio interview with PAE co-founder Scott Tilson examines what vintage concert poster collectors are so excited about in this industry.

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Why CGC graded concert posters are setting record prices

Every poster that Psychedelic Art Exchange offers is independently authenticated and graded by CGC , if eligible, before sale or auction. This grading company has created a buzz in the collectibles marketplace with the news of increased activity and record-setting concert poster prices.

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5 Reasons to Get Your Concert posters CGC Graded & Authenticated Right Now!

At Psychedelic Art Exchange, we see posters that arrive in just about every condition. Some pristine, some misattributed, even some that have been professionally restored. No matter the condition, getting your vintage concert posters CGC graded and authenticated only presents positive opportunities for you.

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4 Tips for Collectors in 2019's CGC Graded Concert Poster Market

The market for vintage concert posters has become the most exciting collectibles market in the world today due to a multitude of positive developments that have created a "perfect storm" for these historical works of art.

Despite everything that vintage concert posters have going for them, there is one substantial overriding factor that has turned this market into an overnight success. We're talking about the introduction of independent third-party  grading by CGC .

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CGC - A Behind the Scenes Look!

Certified Guaranty Company, or CGC , is an independent, third-party authenticator and grader of vintage concert posters. Their work has led to exploding demand in concert poster collecting and set record prices!

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Vintage Concert Poster Market Explodes in 2017!

2017 was unquestionably a year of exciting growth in the marketplace for vintage concert posters. A confluence of circumstances caused the market to grow more in the past 12 months than it had in the past five years. Let's take a closer look at what happened.

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Top 10 predictions for vintage concert posters in 2018

The marketplace for vintage concert posters is evolving at light speed, and it's not expected to slow down going into 2018. Here are the top 10 predictions to be aware of when planning your collecting activities this year.

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Grateful Dead Skeleton and Roses sold for record-breaking $56,400!

A rare 1966 Grateful Dead Skeleton and Roses concert poster realized a world record price of $56,400 in an auction held May 16, 2019 by Psychedelic Art Exchange. The concert poster was independently authenticated and graded by Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) as 9.8 on a scale of 10, and generated bids from collectors around the world.

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Books to Buy

There is an old saying in collectibles, "buy the book before you buy the collectible." Decades of experience and thousands of collectors have proven this to be an incontrovertible law for success. In fact, we have yet to meet even a single collector who has successfully neglected this rule — and this applies to any collectible — not just vintage rock concert posters! The bottom line is that the more educated you are, the more successful you will be – no exceptions!

Take a peak through our compiled list of reference books that EVERY concert poster collector should have.

Ready to dive into this exciting world of vintage concert posters?

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